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From a simple beginning, Florala Pharmacy was opened in downtown Florala, Alabama in 1904. Florala resident, Charles Smith, P.D., purchased the business in 1979. In 1996, Pharm-a-care, a division of Florala Pharmacy, Inc., was formed and opened at 324 West Bypass in Andalusia. In May 2011, Pharm-a-care East, another division of Florala Pharmacy, Inc., was opened at Dr. MLK, Jr. Expressway in Andalusia.

Due to the healthcare movement through “The Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare, Mr. Smith chose to close Pharm-a-care East on January 25, 2013, and later soldPharm-a-care to Rite Aid on November 6, 2013. Mr. Smith based his decision to close Pharm-a-care East and then sell Pharm-a-care in Andalusia on the direction he believes healthcare is moving. Mr. Smith envisions more of our folks taking care of their ailing family members at home, and therefore the necessity of a home healthcare store was envisioned through CareMed, at the 324 West Bypass location, which already serves our customers and patients with their home healthcare needs established at Pharm-a-care.

CareMed, a home healthcare equipment store, owned by Florala Pharmacy, Inc., opened the very next day, after selling Pharm-a-care pharmacy to Rite Aid on November 7, 2013. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will continue meeting the needs of our customers and patients, just as they have done over the years.


Florala Pharmacy, located in Florala, Alabama, continues to be a full-service pharmacy that expanded its product line and customer service over the years to meet growing demands. What started out as simple remedies, tonics, and cure-alls has evolved to offering high tech pharmacy services such as hormone replacement therapy, pain management and counseling, a staff of highly qualified professional pharmacists, respiratory therapists, mastectomy fitters, orthotic fitters, and dedicated and caring employees eager to meet the needs of their patients.

Smith says: “It is our goal to treat our patients and customers with the same care and concern with which we would want our own families or ourselves treated. This is why I believe in Independent Pharmacy, “Hometown Folks, taking care of hometown folks." I am truly blessed to have such a fine professional, technical, and support staff.”

Thank you,

Charles T. Smith

“Covington County’s Caring Pharmacy”